arcplan software solutions enable you to deploy business intelligence, analysis, and planning applications that meet all of your organisational needs. Known for its openness, the arcplan platform can be easily integrated with over twenty systems for  seamless and comprehensive business intelligence.

The broad capabilities and flexibility offered by Arcplan provides insights into your organisation, allowing you to analyse data in the format and detail you require. Their dashboards can be customised to deliver key metrics on various aspects of your company’s performance.

Features and benefits:

  • Customisable and user-friendly interface
  • Two way access to a variety of data sources
  • Write-back capability
  • Centralised management and administration console

Arcplan’s easy-to-use dashboards and intuitive navigation offer an exceptional ability to filter data, interact with charts and see changes in performance over time. With these tools, your business’ management has the insight and knowledge to make better overall decisions for improve company performance.





Guided Analytics, Dashboards, Scorecards

arcplan Enterprise is arcplan’s solution for building and deploying custom business intelligence solutions and analytic applications. As the most flexible product for personalized, customer-centric BI applications, arcplan is the choice of customers around the globe for rapidly deploying solutions without compromise. arcplan applications have become an integral part of managing corporate performance and streamlining operations at our 3,200 customers worldwide.
arcplan Enterprise provides bi-directional connectivity to various SAP data sources, including SAP BW and SAP HANA, as well as the Oracle suite, IBM databases including DB2 and Cognos TM1, Microsoft, Teradata and any ODBC, OLE DB, XMLA, XML or Web-service / SOA with an open API.


Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

arcplan Edge is a robust budgeting, planning, and forecasting solution for organizations seeking to streamline processes and shorten budgeting cycles. arcplan Edge offers
an intuitive, browser-based interface for users entering plan data, and it automates the time- and labor-intensive consolidation process through integrated reporting, score- carding, and process visibility.
Unlike spreadsheets, the management of arcplan’s multi-dimensional planning makes it possible to provide integrated workflow, security, audit trail and versioning mechanisms. arcplan Edge empowers organizations to deploy a complete and comprehensive performance management solution – from budgeting and planning to analysis and reporting.

Self-Service Analytics from all directions

arcplan Engage allows users to tap the information wealth available at their organization with easy-to-use search functions. Users can make comments, rate, and share their fi n- dings on BI analytics, dashboards and other context-relevant information made available within the company’s information systems – including unstructured information located in Content Management Systems. Users, self-trained on Web 2.0 functions via Facebook, Twitter, blogs and e-commerce websites, can immediately employ arcplan’s new modes of communication, collaboration and knowledge-sharing to improve decision-making.

arcplan Spotlight – as part of the arcplan Engage offer – is a self-service analysis solution for your Web-browser, that helps you dynamically build reports, take action, and automate queries. It enables users to connect to their multidimensional (OLAP) data store, access key metrics, and gain instant insights without using complex BI tools. With arcplan Spotlight, users can spend more time analyzing data and less time navigating a maze of BI reports.

arcplan Spotlight easily connects to your corporate data warehouse, allowing you to see ’live‘ data. Store your analysis as a personal spotlight and share it with colleagues or deploy it as a Widget within our Collaborative BI solution, arcplan Engage.
arcplan Excel Analytics – also part of the arcplan Engage offer – provides self-service analysis capabilities across multiple data sources in a familiar Microsoft Office environment. Easily scalable across the enterprise, it empowers Microsoft Excel® users to further analyze corporate data and write back to the original data sources as needed, while maintaining the security and centralized control demanded by IT. This arcplan product simplifies the creation of complex analytics within Excel worksheets that are adaptable to organizational needs. These worksheets are portable and repeatable, making it easy to rapidly deploy across the organization.


Mobile Access – Anywhere On Any Device

With its unique Design Once – Run Anywhere (DORA) philosophy, arcplan 8 includes everything you need to jump-start a solid mobile BI strategy with business analytics available on any smartphone or tablet PC. Applying state-of-the-art Responsive Design functions within arcplan’s application development environment combined with the latest deployment standards leveraging HTML5, arcplan is the first platform to intrinsically optimize BI not only for mobile, but for every device type.