How it all Works


1.)   In Simple terms data and content are stored in one of the many platforms, which you can see above.

Informatica (

The data and content feeds into a powerful backend tool (Informatica) which is a data integration and management tool enabling your organisation to access, integrate, trust and manage all your information assets. These solutions ensure that trustworthy, actionable, and authoritative data is available to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, minimize risk, and enhance your competitive advantage. Some of the key features include Data Governance, Data Migration, Data Quality, Data Quality, Data Synchronization, Data Warehousing and Identity Resolution.


2.)   The data is then passed on in real-time through the channels to both/one BI tool(s) which are arcplan and/or PowerOLAP.

arcplan (

Arcplan is a BI tool which enables you to deploy business analytics applications for reporting, analysis and planning in REAL-TIME. It provides you with highly visual, programming free development as you can see below. Some of the unique functions include, Guided Analytics, Dashboards, Scorecards, Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting. It also has a powerful Excel interface for power users which features a visual drag and drop interface which makes it easy to pull up reports, dashboards and scorecards instantly.



Mobile Access–Anywhere On Any Device

Arcplan’s responsive design feature is one of many unique visual Mobile BI designs which can be used on any smartphone or tablet PC. Using HTML 5 as leverage, its state of the art responsive design functions within arcplan’s application development environment.