Top BI Trends Moving into 2015

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With 2014 coming to an end faster than anyone could ever imagine, the time to start thinking and planning for 2015 has fast approached us. With the start of a new year comes a number of technology changes to consider. With the following new BI Trends, Business Intelligence (BI) should not be on the long list of things for any organization. While some of these trends are already being implemented, with the potential to expand over the next year, there are a number of proposed changes that could fundamentally shift business processes. Below we will uncover what to expect when looking into BI trends for the year of 2015.

1. Business Intelligence is on the move
– with this year’s overwhelming demand and the increase in popularity of mobile BI, many top tier Business Intelligence companies across the world are pulling together their resources to attack this request head on. At the same time this new found popularity for mobile BI has led many companies to come up with answers for the questions that are on customer’s minds.

  • How do we introduce mobile into our current solution set-up?
  • Which devices are best supported by the vendors? IOS? Android? Windows? All?
  • Do we need to develop and build applications for each device specifically or will one app work across the board?

And so on and so forth… These are just some of the questions being asked by developers across the world, this  concept began when the first BI company came up with the idea for its users to use their Smartphones and Tablets to run the same applications as their PC’s.  The goal being to not limit the overall performance and functionality. Where will this year’s push for mobile BI take us? Watches? Glasses? Many top BI researchers aren’t sure if it will come this year but let it be known sooner than later BI providers will begin to deliver real-time information to any device and screen size, exactly the way the users need it.

2. Collaboration will never be easier
–within the next year or two collaborative features within BI systems will undoubtedly increase, as will the opportunity to use BI to analyze customer and prospect trends, social data as well as making market predictions. Researches have shown there is now a definite link between having the ability to improve your market insight, company growth and overall success levels. Business Intelligence is becoming an extremely important feature within the walls of many companies big or small. According to a BI Industry Leader, “We will soon begin to see more social features intertwined into your BI platform, allowing collaboration to occur directly within the applications rather than over traditional emails and face to face meetings.”

3. Will there always be a need for dedicated Data Scientists and Analysts
–overall data analysis will continue to change hands from having a specialist perform these actions to the everyday business user. As BI technology becomes more evolved and user-friendly, the need for data specific analyst will lessen and more will be turned over to the common business user, of course educating them will be key. A number of BI leaders are convinced that the importance of Business Intelligence will begin to shift from standard report-centric usage to focusing on the bringing together of information from desperate data sources to one centralized location. This will put more analysis power in the hands of the business users and therefore maximize user’s engagement and efficiency, however, selecting the right strategy and predictive model will still remain in the hands of Data Scientist for the near future.

4. Hello to Self-Service BI
–an increase in the demand for self-service BI has come headstrong over this past year, where end-users are now directly influencing the direction of the tool rather than that of the tech, IT professional, who has always been responsible for drafting and creating your reports. With BI systems and platforms becoming easier and quicker to get up and running, these jobs have fallen to the users which again is increasing overall efficiency. BI systems will continue to evolve as time goes on, still managing data for many different benefits (businesses), we will now be able to do so without a fully dedicated team of coders, developers and architects working in the background from start to finish, now primarily only being used for initial project start-up. The general end-user will now be able to flexibly create his/her own reports, either as an initial research project to uncover unusual patterns in company data or to either verify or point out any inconsistencies found in existing corporate dashboards, from where such self-service features will now come into play to further analyze these reports. Using intelligent visualizations such as graphs and maps have been shown to increase the overall decision-making process when put in the right form and the right context.

5. Business Intelligence grows to the “Cloud”
–while a cloud-based BI solution isn’t exactly new to the world, researchers have said we will begin to see a significant growth in tools utilizing the Cloud over the next year. In past years the concept of cloud-based technologies has been a HOT topic across almost every software sector, with BI being a little bit of an exception. It has always been a thought in everyone’s mind but has never been fully executed. Will 2015 bring this change, only time will tell? As the overall volume of data your company is working with grows, managing all aspects of that data “in-house” becomes an agonizing process and a job in itself. Using a cloud-based system will allow for increased flexibility, as well as, a significant decline in the costs associated with having an excess amount of data building up. This will decrease the need to purchase hardware to house your data but creates the concern of cloud security. Using the cloud can open new doors for companies of all sizes.

Will this year’s increase in popularity of Business Intelligence hit on all these pointers? No one knows exactly where we will be 365 days from now, but let’s imagine for a second every prediction is taken into consideration, the BI world will be in for a nice little treat and will hands down be seen in more companies, big and small, all across the world.


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