Top Tools for Integrating Data by Business Intelligence Systems

Are you out hunting for tools that integrate data business intelligence? It is easier said than done. The market is flooded with large number of tools that help in analysing data and making informed decisions. While every tool has its pros and downsides the choice you make should be based on your needs. However keep the scalability factor in mind as your business requirements is bound to grow and the tool you choose should be able to meet your changing requirements. Here are the top rated tools that help streamline business operations and maximize resource utilization.


  • Informatica – A comprehensive BI tool it is helping businesses around the world offering them timely and relevant analytics for key decision making. It helps managers take strategic decisions instead of reactionary measures. Cloud solutions offer you easy access to data anytime anywhere for taking decisions without an iota of assumption.
  • Power OLAP – Imagine a tool that answers all business questions in Excel. This is what has made this Online Analytical Processing tool popular with users. You can also use it for writing back data into your existing database that can be shared at an enterprise level in real-time.
  • OpenI – This is a web driven platform that is used by small and large businesses to create and publish interactive reports using OLAP data sources. It helps in integrating key data sources and reduces the complexity in analysis of data. It can easily interact with different OLAP platforms and offers you all information in an intuitive interface.
  • Arcplan – With the help of this BI software you would be able to integrate data from 25 sources such as IBM, SAP, OLAP and Oracle. Most importantly it would run on your existing infrastructure. It is a personalized planning tool that allows you to make the best meaning out of your data. Changes made in the database are immediately reflected in its analytics function.
  • Oracle BI – It offers you enterprise business intelligence functionality and brings in a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to make meaning out of large volumes of data. It can fetch data from multiple sources and integrates them all in the dashboard that helps in making strategic decisions.